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Supplying Power and Water to Steel Container Home and Orchard

An Arizona man bought property near the town of Snowflake on which to build his retirement home. The property had no electrical service and no water service, so the landowner hired Willis Drilling to drill a water well and install a water pump, water distribution system and a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to provide water and power for both a home built out of steel cargo containers and an orchard on the property.

Willis Drilling engaged Richard Dean at Ameresco Solar to provide the solar equipment and design services.

The microgrid includes 20.3 kW of solar power, 24 kW of power inverters producing 120/240V AC power for the entire property, and 68 kWh’s of 48V PHI battery energy storage. It is sized to power the water distribution and irrigation system, air conditioning, WiFi, lighting and all amenities for a full time residential home in a very hot climate.

Willis Drilling, Ameresco Solar, and the landowner chose SimpliPhi storage solutions for their longevity -- even in extreme temperatures. The landowner wanted a solution he wouldn’t have to maintain or replace down the road, and SimpliPhi’s high cycle life batteries delivered.