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Off-Grid in Wisconsin with David and Lila

Here’s a Power from the People story from David and Lila of Wisconsin who have used SimpliPhi Power batteries to go off-grid:

“Lila and I installed an off-grid system using eight (8) of your 3.4 kW batteries in October of 2016. We had the help of Energize LLC out of Winneconnie, WI who analyzed our loads and sized the system.

A good contractor is a must as far as we are concerned. We have made it through the shortest days of the year with no need to buy a back up generator. This includes a 10 day stretch of overcast that took the batteries down to 53%. We could have held out even longer but it is always great to see the sun and be able to splurge on electricity use. The revelation of an off grid system is that once the batteries are full it is a good idea to have ways to use the excess or it goes to waste. A good problem to have.

We are very happy with your batteries and the system as a whole.”

– David H. and Lila Z.

Unlike most batteries systems, this is a great example of how SimpliPhi batteries can be used in any orientation with no loss of performance. Here the PHI 3.4 batteries could be mounted on their side to accommodate the space reserved for the installation.

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