Supplying Power and Water to Steel Container Home and Orchard

An Arizona man bought property near the town of Snowflake on which to build his retirement home. The property had no electrical service and no water service, so the landowner hired Willis Drilling to drill a water well and install a water pump, water distribution system and a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to provide water and power for both a home built out of steel cargo containers and an orchard on the property. Willis Drilling engaged Richard Dean at Ameresco Solar...
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Conan O’Brien and His SimpliPhi Powered Glowing Moon

Conan O’Brien’s glowing moon graced his set for more than a decade. When set designers needed a needed a small, lightweight battery that was both safe and non-toxic and able to light the moon for many hours during filming, they turned to SimpliPhi. Behind that moon was hidden a PHI battery that was able to supply power to the moon for entire tapings without requiring a recharge. SimpliPhi was also the only battery that could power fluorescent lighting.
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Everything you need to know about using SimpliPhi Power in Utility situations.
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Chilean Homeowner Turns to SimpliPhi for Power Security

Grid reliability in Chile faces regular threats from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and even snow storms. To protect themselves from these grid failures while also reducing utility bills, many home and business owners turn to grid-tied solar systems. However, though Law 20,571 allows the sale of surplus generation back to the utility, the surplus is only valued at 60 percent of the purchase rate. For that reason, energy storage that allows home and business owners to store the...
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SimpliPhi Eliminates the Challenges of Building Microgrids in Remote Tropical Locations

For many global missionary organizations, much of their work is completed in parts of the world with no access to electricity. Missionaries find themselves working overseas in remote locations for long periods of time and in need of creative solutions for power, water and other systems that will meet their basic needs while they are in the field. In the East Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea, one missionary group installed a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to power a 1250 sq...
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Trailer-Mounted Power Systems For Combat Operations

As the U.S. military continues to engage in enduring and expeditionary conflicts in remote and austere regions of the world, there has been a concerted effort to solve the challenges associated with moving fuel and supplying reliable, secure power for today’s military power-intensive military equipment. Moving fuel to the front lines is incredibly costly -- in both financial terms and in lives. For example, by the end of 2010, the Defense Logistics Agency was moving 40 million gallons of...
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Reliable Power for New Zealand Grid Edge Farms and Homes

In rural New Zealand, electricity distributor Powerco deployed Base Power off-grid renewable energy units to both supplement grid power for some customers and provide a complete alternative to grid electricity supply for other customers. To ensure reliable power delivery throughout its entire service area, Powerco chose to deploy the Base Power distributed generation assets as a more cost effective alternative to upgrading its grid. Constructed by local contractors The Downs Group, each Base Power unit generates electricity with solar panels,...
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Bringing Energy to the Tactical Edge in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan

The U.S. Army’s “Energy to the Tactical Edge” effort (E2E) kicked off in 2011 to reduce troop reliance on fuel resupply operations by curtailing use of or entirely replacing conventional diesel generators. The Forge Provides Continuous Reliable Power And Eliminates The Need For Fossil Fuels. (Image courtesy of ZeroBase) This effort was inspired not only to contain costs, with the full burdened cost of fuel including air transport, parachute drops and more estimated at $400/gallon, but more importantly to save lives....
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Sesame Solar, SimpliPhi And OutBack Deliver Lifesaving, Solar-Powered Nanogrid To Princess Margaret Hospital In Dominica

Sesame Solar, SimpliPhi & OutBack Deliver Solar-Powered Nanogrid to Dominica to restore power after Hurricane Maria.
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Prefab Modular Home Maintained Power When Grid Went Down

Beverly and Pierre moved to Ojai, CA, to build an eco-friendly home in which to spend their retirement. Pierre is an environmentalist and engineer, and Beverly is an affordable housing advocate and former property development asset manager, so they were committed to creating a sustainable living space. The couple arrived in Ojai in August and lived in a camper while their custom, prefab modular home was built in a factory in only 25 days. Then, three trucks delivered the home...
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SimpliPhi’s mission is to empower people, businesses and communities globally to generate, store and utilize power on their terms, anytime, anywhere, on or off the grid. Our full range of mobile, residential and commercial energy storage solutions are deployed everyday, worldwide in a wide range of applications.
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