Florida Homeowners Add Battery Backup to Prepare for the Next Storm

After installing their home solar system in 2015, Simon and Jody endured hurricane after hurricane, as their home is located in Miami, in Florida’s “Hurricane Alley.” Every time a hurricane hit, they once again found themselves without power. When Hurricane Irma hit, for example, Simon and Jody were among the 7.7 million Florida homes that lost power at some point. What many fail to realize is that utilities mandate that grid-tied solar installations be automatically shut down in the...
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Newfound Hope for Disaster-Stricken Village

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, the village of San Salvador, located in Caguas, was devastated. Hurricane Maria, ranked by NOAA as the costliest tropical cyclone to ever hit Puerto Rico, left San Salvador residents without power for 7 months due to severe damage to the centralized electrical grid. Everyday life in San Salvador came to a sudden halt, from simple daily chores like laundry to critical necessities like refrigerating medicine and communicating with loved ones. Seeking...
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Eliminating Electric Bills for Total Gas Stations in Nigeria

Total, a leading French international energy conglomerate, faced the issues of poor national grid reliability, high diesel fuel costs and high utility bills across their fuel service stations in Nigeria. In fact, the national grid in Nigeria is only available for an average of 6 hours per day, and is often completely unavailable for several days in a row. This grid unreliability makes it difficult for Total’s service stations to continue functioning efficiently, directly impacting the company’s bottom line....
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Historically Grid-Tied Vermont State Park Opts for More Cost Effective SimpliPhi + Solar Microgrid

Emerald Lake State Park is a 430-acre state park in East Dorset, Vermont. Historically grid-tied, the power lines running through the park’s woods required repair after each winter. To solve that problem, park authorities decided to make the shift to a reliable off-grid system. The microgrid was designed and installed by Grassroots Solar. It features 10.24 kW of SolarWorld modules, an OutBack 8000W 48V inverter and 24 PHI 3.4 48V batteries providing 81.6 kWh of storage. It powers cabins for...
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SimpliPhi & Grassroots Solar Keep Homeowner Safe & Warm During Winter Power Outages

With winter temperatures often falling into the single digits and monthly snow falls totaling more than a foot, a homeowner in Pownal, VT wanted to be sure he was able to stay warm and have access to food, water and communication in his Vermont cabin whenever the power goes out. The homeowner engaged Grassroots Solar to build a reliable AC-coupled solar+storage system. The system includes 10 solar panels providing 3.45 kW of power, a 10x SunPower 320W built-in microinverter and...
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AccESS Ensures Power Security for Puerto Rico Hotel

The Rincon Harmony Center is a beautiful two-story guest house on two acres of private, manicured grounds in Rincón, Puerto Rico -- a surfing town located on the island’s west coast. Like so many other business owners in Puerto Rico, hotel owners Steve and Grisselle, struggled to resume operations after Hurricane Maria struck on September 20, 2018. Power was not restored until January, and Steve and Grisselle were forced to refuel a 300-gallon gas propane tank/generator every two weeks to...
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Power Security for Remote Communications at Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin National Training Center is a major United States military training area in the Mojave Desert. The facility has historically relied on lead acid batteries to provide backup power to mission critical wireless radio transmitters at nine sites. In 2018, Fort Irwin hired Northern Arizona Wind & Sun to design a more reliable off-grid power security solution for remote communications. The solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes 9 solar arrays comprised of 256W PV modules, four PHI 3.4 kWh batteries, a...
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PHI Delivers Energy Autonomy for Off-grid Home in Fiji

A homeowner in Vuda Point, Lautoka in Fiji started with an Internet search to find the ideal batteries to power his off-grid solar home. He needed a solution that was both small and energy dense. He found the answer in PHI batteries, which were compact enough to be installed in a small section of the kitchen and powerful enough to meet the average loads of his home and provide three days of autonomy without a generator. The homeowner contacted Pacific...
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SimpliPhi Provides Superior, Seamless Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

SimpliPhi provided Rush Ranch with a simple, sustainable and superior storage replacement for a failing bank of flooded lead acid batteries. Purchased in 1988 by Solano Land Trust and designated as part of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2003, Rush Ranch’s 2,070 acres of marsh and grasslands provide recreational and educational opportunities for thousands of visitors each year and have provided important contributions to tidal marsh science. An 11.5 kW PV array and a 3 kW wind...
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AccESS Provides Safer, More Reliable Alternative to Generators in Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, many homeowners in Puerto Rico have turned to grid-tied solar+storage systems to provide backup power to deal with continuing blackouts and the risk of future storm-related outages. When his household diesel generator caught on fire, one homeowner in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico turned to Reborn Energy for safer, more reliable and long term energy security in the case of power authority problems as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters. Reborn installed SimpliPhi’s turn-key AccESS...
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