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Power Security for Remote Communications at Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin National Training Center is a major United States military training area in the Mojave Desert. The facility has historically relied on lead acid batteries to provide backup power to mission critical wireless radio transmitters at nine sites.

In 2018, Fort Irwin hired Northern Arizona Wind & Sun to design a more reliable off-grid power security solution for remote communications. The solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes 9 solar arrays comprised of 256W PV modules, four PHI 3.4 kWh batteries, a Midnite Classic 150 charge controller and a Solid State Relay Industrial Mount. Raytheon handled the installation.

Because SimpliPhi provides direct-lead-acid replacement, the installers were able to repurpose the lead acid battery enclosure and fit all four PHI batteries inside. Plus, the system gained an extra day of energy autonomy in the same footprint.

Because PHI batteries perform very well in temperatures up to 140º F and require no maintenance during the lifespan of the system they provided an ideal solution for Fort Irwin’s extreme Mojave desert environment.

“The PHI 3.5 48V batteries are ideally suited for remote locations like Fort Irwin because of SimpliPhi’s proven safety record, great thermal stability, high current ratings, long cycle life, and ability to withstand harsh conditions,” emphasized Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.