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Post-Hurricane Matthew, Remote Haitian Medical Clinic Restores Power With SimpliPhi

In 2017, Hurricane Matthew hit the Grande Anse region of Haiti, heavily damaging many of the towns and villages in the area, including the city of Jérémie and surrounding small villages.

Re-establishing a functional medical clinic after the hurricane was critically important. Be Green Solar designed a solar+SimpliPhi microgrid for a remote clinic located in a mountainous area 24 km from Jérémie.

Installing roof top solar panels

The clinic is located in an area that was without electricity, water or communications. The solar+SimpliPhi microgrid now enables all three to be available. The system provides basic electricity to the clinic, as well as powers the water pump that fills the roof water tanks from the cistern and the cell phone extender that enables communications.

Several views of the solar installation and the power room, including a bank of 24 SimpliPhi PHI 3.4 Batteries

Because there are no technically-skilled people living in the village, the solar+SimpliPhi microgrid system was designed to be autonomous. The clinic is fully solar powered during the day, and relies on a bank of 24, PHI 3.4 48V PHI batteries at night and for 3-7 days without charge from the sun. In the event of a solar power system failure, a backup gasoline generator is also on site to charge the batteries and/or provide power directly to the clinic.

Clinic staff will be able to monitor battery state of charge, power generated by the solar array and clinic power consumption.

Patient waiting area

One happy customer!

SimpliPhi batteries were the optimal choice for the clinic because they are less than 30% of the size and weight of an equivalent lead-acid battery bank while delivering more power. PHI batteries can also work to 90% depth of discharge without damage or loss of operational life; providing the clinic with the longest lasting and most reliable power solution. They require no service and emit no toxic or flammable gases or particulates; which was essential for the autonomous set up.

The solar+SimpliPhi microgrid is delivering reliable power security so that the clinic can again provide much-needed medical care to the people of the Grande Anse region.