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AccESS Ensures Power Security for Puerto Rico Hotel

The Rincon Harmony Center is a beautiful two-story guest house on two acres of private, manicured grounds in Rincón, Puerto Rico -- a surfing town located on the island’s west coast.

Like so many other business owners in Puerto Rico, hotel owners Steve and Grisselle, struggled to resume operations after Hurricane Maria struck on September 20, 2018. Power was not restored until January, and Steve and Grisselle were forced to refuel a 300-gallon gas propane tank/generator every two weeks to maintain power for their business. The process was both difficult and prohibitively expensive. Looking for a better solution, they approached Alex Rowe and the team at Clean Solar System to design a better energy backup solution.

Rowe turned to distributor Civic Solar for recommendations, and they suggested SimpliPhi’s AccESS. Researching the turn-key AccESS solution for himself, Rowe agreed. With LFP chemistry proven to perform reliably and safely in a tropical climate, an exemplary safety profile ideal for a hotel environment, a quick installation process and the ability to AC or DC couple, Rowe said choosing to go with AccESS was “an easy decision.”

The grid-tied AC system that the Clean Solar System team designed included 6.9 kW of solar power and the AccESS unit featuring three PHI 3.4 kWh 48V batteries and a Schneider Electric inverter.

Though it’s primary purpose is to provide backup power in the event of future outages, the system has successfully powered the entire guesthouse, including four inverter air conditioners, a well pump, lighting, three refrigerators, multiple ceiling fans, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment. Together with water backup systems, the AccESS ensures that should power go out, guests are immediately supplied with all necessary power and water.

In addition to energy security, the environmentally benign AccESS chemistry supports the Rincon Harmony Center’s commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.

“SimpliPhi made our transition to solar energy a breeze. Now our guesthouse is always energized and environmentally friendly,” said Steve. “ We’re grateful to Clean Solar System for introducing us to SimpliPhi. Alex and his team were amazing in responding to all our questions and concerns. They have the expertise, knowledge and experience to secure your home or business with solar+storage.”