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Historically Grid-Tied Vermont State Park Opts for More Cost Effective SimpliPhi + Solar Microgrid

Emerald Lake State Park is a 430-acre state park in East Dorset, Vermont. Historically grid-tied, the power lines running through the park’s woods required repair after each winter. To solve that problem, park authorities decided to make the shift to a reliable off-grid system.

The microgrid was designed and installed by Grassroots Solar. It features 10.24 kW of SolarWorld modules, an OutBack 8000W 48V inverter and 24 PHI 3.4 48V batteries providing 81.6 kWh of storage. It powers cabins for park staff and bathrooms and camper services for park guests.

“We needed a battery that could not only survive in below-freezing temperatures, but also deliver high performance in those tough conditions,” explained Bill Laberge of Grassroots Solar. “Given our space constraints, we also needed a battery that could be racked. SimpliPhi provided the ideal solution.”