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Hawaii Schools Deploy Solar+SimpliPhi Microgrids to Affordably Power HVAC

When Energy Upgrades Prove Cost Prohibitive, Microgrids Offer Another Path for Sustainability The statewide Hawaii Department of Education spends approximately $62 million each year on energy -- reflecting a 50 percent increase over the last 10 years. There are 256 public schools in the system housed in buildings that on average are 50 years old. In the summer of 2015, Hawaii faced a record-breaking heatwave. When schools started in August, classroom temperatures were above 90º F, and students and teachers were...
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Hawaiian Cacao Farm and Residence Goes Off-Grid with SimpliPhi Batteries

Flourishing Hawaiian cacao farm has recently gone completely off-grid with the help of SimpliPhi batteries.
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It’s Time… and It’s Life Changing for Students of Pacific Island Schools

SimpliPhi Power & DPA Solar bring reliable, renewable power generation & storage to children & schools in remote locations with It’s Time Foundation in Fiji.
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Microgrid – Vacherie Ranch

SIMPLIPHI POWER’S storage solution was integrated in a microgrid for a Ranch in West Sonoma County, California. Prior to the installation, the family relied on diesel generators to power its agricultural and recreational operations. In the search for a better solution, it quickly became apparent trenching lines for a grid connection was cost prohibitive. Instead, rugged, highly efficient and reliable SimpliPhi batteries, combined with solar, now allows the ranch to be powered 24/7 by a sustainable microgrid that has...
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Polebridge Mercantile – Off-Grid Solar Power Energy Storage

The new solar power system incorporates (87) 280 watt solar panels on the roof of the new barn and on three new pole top mounts nearby. The system also employs 4 Schneider Xantrex XW 6048 Inverters, 2 Xantrex Power Distribution Panels, and 9 charge controllers. Aeon Renewable Energy installed 12 PHI 3.4 kWh Batteries wired to a new copper busbar. Configured in parallel to provide a total 40.8 kWh of available power. SIMPLIPHI POWER Polebridge Mercantile & Cabins is located 45 miles from...
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35 SimpliPhi Power PHI 2.6 kWh batteries provide 91 kWh of power storage for offsetting daily electrical loads and car charging stations.

Off-Grid – Maui Brewing Company

35 SimpliPhi Power PHI 2.6 kWh batteries provide 91 kWh of power storage for offsetting daily electrical loads and car charging stations. SIMPLIPHI POWER partnered with ZeroBase to integrate in a microgrid installation at the Maui Brewing Co., Maui, Hawaii. Infamously high energy prices, coupled with a significant proportion of power generation coming from oil and gas, the Maui Brewing Co. wanted to reduce its costs and reliance on fossil fuel based utility power by transitioning to a higher percentage of...
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Off Grid Kisokwe Primary School of Tanzania

PROJECT: Solar Hybrid Power for Rural School Electrification LOCATION: Tanzania, Africa CLIENT: Kisokwe Primary School Kisokwe village is located in Mazae Ward, Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region, Tanzania. Dodoma Region is centrally positioned in Tanzania mainland. Kisokwe Primary School, which educates about 800 pupils, is the public primary school in Kisokwe village and faces major challenges in its facilities and infrastructure. Among the challenges are a lack of electricity in the school and teacher/staff quarters, and no integration of computers and technology in...
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Solar Powered Signage System – Whole Foods

SIMPLIPHI POWER provides reliable, clean and uninterrupted energy storage and management for the Whole Foods solar sign system located at their store in Folsom and two other locations in California. Designed by SimpliPhi Power, the 22 solar-panels array collects enough energy in 6 hours to power the entire sign load for this 1+ acre store for more than 36 hours. The challenge was to create a solution that would store energy in a compact, maintenance-free, environmentally conscious system, that could...
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SimpliPhi partners with commercial energy users in every industry to maximize reliability, achieve long-term cost predictability and enable preparedness and energy security.

Our high-performance, non-toxic, non-hazardous and enduring energy storage solutions make savings, environmental sustainability and social impact easily and affordably attainable.

SimpliPhi provides the ideal storage solutions for businesses and government entities who want to take both their environmental and social responsibility programs to the next level through energy management solutions that save money and create security.

Explore deployment examples in the following categories:

Commercial electricity costs have escalated far beyond what can be managed through efficiency programs. For many commercial and government buildings, this reality has lead to the installation of roof or ground mount solar arrays. But did you know that when the grid fails, you lose access to your solar generation? Pairing PV with behind-the-meter energy storage is simple and empowers you to maintain control over your own energy, savings and security.

SimpliPhi is a more cost effective energy solution because we reduce installation and operational costs upfront and over time. PHI batteries do not need expensive ancillary thermal monitoring or cooling equipment or internet connectivity to operate safely and optimally. In addition, installation does not require multi-day timelines and our smaller, modular form factor eliminates the need for forklifts or other heavy equipment. Plus, when it comes to reducing costs over the long term, PHI batteries are maintenance free. And, if a business needs more storage as electrical loads or budgets evolve, SimpliPhi easily scales to increase storage capacity to an existing battery bank.

Beyond operational savings, SimpliPhi energy storage solutions reduce electricity costs throughout the life cycle of the installation. Commercial businesses rely on SimpliPhi energy storage and management systems to reduce monthly demand charges, charging when rates are low and discharging when rates are at their peak. Our solutions also enable energy savings through self-consumption, time-of-use (TOU), load shifting and peak shaving. SimpliPhi batteries maintain an industry-leading 98+% efficiency over the course of 10,000 cycles with a 10-year warranty.

For business and life-critical operations, reliable backup power is a must -- especially in an era of frequent superstorms, wildfires, earthquakes and other increasing threats to grid availability and stability. With a proven global track record of successful grid-tied and off-grid projects since 2010, SimpliPhi has the expertise and experience to design reliable backup and emergency power systems that protect your business operations.

Using an on-site distributed model, SimpliPhi systems create back up power throughout commercial and industrial buildings and facilities -- eliminating the vulnerability characteristic of transmission and distribution lines on a local level. In addition, SimpliPhi's distributed assets can be combined in grid-tied or off-grid solutions to optimize any existing generation assets and infrastructure.

With particular expertise in microgrid and nanogrid deployments, SimpliPhi leverages its energy storage and management solutions to make costly infrastructure upgrades unnecessary and maximize resiliency in the face of any threat to power access.

Without energy storage, renewable sources of power are intermittent and unpredictable. SimpliPhi technology creates power security for commercial and government organizations by taking the intermittency out of any power generation source including wind, solar, grid and fuel-based generators.

Most lithium ion batteries in the market today utilize cobalt -- a rare earth element that is unstable and toxic to the environment and all those who come in contact with it, from extraction to end of life. In addition, the cobalt supply chain is often governed by criminal warlords and riddled with child labor abuses which have elevated cobalt to "conflict status." By contrast, SimpliPhi does not use cobalt. Our lithium ion batteries only utilize Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP), which does not pose human or environmental risk.

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