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“They” Said She Should Resign! Scaling SimpliPhi Against All Odds

Many entrepreneurs are chasing the idea of “microwave” success, looking to “go viral” or “make it big” instantly. The end goal most entrepreneurs chase is that ever-elusive “exit”. While our ancestors aimed to leave legacies and build generational family businesses to pass on, modern-day culture suggests we can get rich quickly and should live for today, often borrowing from future generations to enjoy the riches we believe we deserve. Some, like Catherine Von Burg, are intentionally taking the road less traveled to help smooth out its bumps, create with passion and value, and leave a lasting impact on the world they interact with daily.

Hear about Catherine’s fears of “wiping out”, learn about her tenacity and how circumstance, grit, and fortitude drive her success. Catherine explains in her own words that one day she may be in the testing facility trying to blow up batteries and the next day she is in front of business partners in “pumps and pearls,” all geared toward an integrated bottom line focused on people, planet, and profit.

While this story has a happy ending, it was by no means easy or even joyful all along the way and was not created in an easy-bake oven. Catherine’s story begins in the shadows, but if you stick around long enough, you will see how she emerged into the light.

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