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Suncast Interview w/Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power

Catherine Von Burg, our CEO & President, was recently interviewed by Nico Johnson of SunCast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

‘Why would we use a toxic chemistry to store renewable, clean energy? And why, if we talk about security, why use something that fundamentally puts the end user, our partners, our customers at risk?’ – Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power

‘With a solar blanket, in any very remote community, globally, imagine the impact of a person being able to unfold a solar blanket, plug it into the Genny pack, and then plug in their phone and their laptop. Suddenly, they are the their own generator, they are their own power plant, being able to pick that up, fold it up and carry it with them to use where they need and when they need it. Even when the sun isn’t shining. That’s a very powerful model and we’re seeing it play out for people who, again, are otherwise marginalized because they just simply do not have access to power, very often in communities overseas.’ – Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power

‘Bringing distributed microgrids to these schools throughout the island, these schools are feeling firsthand the impact of not having to use those precious dollars for fuel and instead are able to redirect those limited dollars to school supplies and other resources, including food for children. The ROI and the social impact is tremendous and almost immediate.’ – Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power