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SimpliPhi’s CEO Uses Life Experiences to Solve Real Problems

In this episode, Catherine discusses how her life experiences, devoted to biomedical engineering, environmental conservation, and enabling the transition to cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, frame a mission-based company. She discusses why choosing a safe lithium battery chemistry (LFP) is fundamental to creating energy security and resiliency, backed up by best-in-class manufacturing processes and materials, as well as continuous innovation and an integrated bottom line.

Learn more about UL 9540A fire-safety testing and how this further establishes that the distributed energy storage systems SimpliPhi manufactures are not only scalable and reliable but most importantly, safe from the risk of thermal runaway, fire, and explosion, which is critical if we want to create true energy security.

The conversation also explores how centralized, top down, corporate control of electricity infrastructure is failing, and how distributed, customer-sited generation + storage creates resilience, advances clean energy targets and serves to harden the grid. Catherine goes into how the mission of SimpliPhi Power creates opportunities for partnerships that have a positive impact on energy deficient communities around the world through annual commitments to the UN SDGs and the United Nations Global Compact.

You can also check out the show at their website here: Today’s Market Explained