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Setting a Standard in UL 9540A for ESS Manufacturers

The energy storage industry has so much innovation and change happening rapidly. Often times codes and standards do not develop on pace with technological advancement, so in order to keep up manufacturers must think ahead.

For manufacturers that are trying to commercialize their technology, it takes time to understand, test, and comply with codes and standards. This affects when products can go to market and generate revenue.

Specifically, UL 9540A is critical so customers, AHJs, fire departments, codes, and permitting agencies can be sure the energy storage systems deployed are safe and free of risk of thermal runaway involving fire, and / or explosion.

Listen in as Sequoya Cross, Andrew Tanner, and Justine Sanchez remove the “thermocouples” and explain why UL 9540A is so relevant. Manufacturers have a responsibility to do the testing and move the industry and safety standard forward. As Justine notes, “We need safe, energy, storage.”