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Pulling Back the Veil on Safety, Utilities & Distributed Energy

Listen to Catherine Von Burg, a mission driven CEO focused on profit with a purpose, discuss everything from founding SimpliPhi Power to providing energy access to those without electricity. You can hear about Catherine’s emphasis on developing real-world solutions, in the form of safe energy storage technology, to solve some of today’s biggest challenges in the energy industry, from power outages to the devastation and cost of climate related disasters.

From technology to politics and regulation, Renee Donaldson and Catherine Von Burg touch on the most pressing issues surrounding energy storage today, including how utilities are trying to protect their business models by preventing disruptive technologies like distributed, customer sited-assets – in the form of solar + batteries – from interrupting their profits.

Deploying distributed energy storage and management systems that are non-hazardous and safe is critical to creating cost-effective and immediate resilience for people facing increasing utility power outages. Catherine goes into detail about the UL 9540A test method and how important it is for companies to publish their fire-safety test reports to educate the public and empower people to make informed decisions based on the different risk profiles of “lithium-ion” batteries in the market.