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AREDay American Renewable Energy Day – Grid Parity: The Future of Energy Storage

As part of AREDay 2017, SimpliPhi Power’s CEO Catherine Von Burg gave a talk entitled “Grid Parity: The Future of Energy Storage”.
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Grassroots TV – “Simpli-Phi-d Power Solutions” with Brook Levan, Catherine Von Burg, and Deborah Keiser”

Brook LeVan, host of GrassRoots TV, interviews Catherine Von Burg & Deborah Keiser of SimpliPhi Power about their safe, non-toxic energy storage solutions.
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Food Security with Alegria Farms and the SimpliPhi Power Big Genny

Check out how SimpliPhi Power’s energy storage solutions can help empower communities by making their food production independent of the grid. This video takes us to Irvine, CA to see how Alegria Farms is making it happen, on their terms.
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