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SimpliPhi Introduces High Voltage Energy Storage System for the Commercial & Industrial Market

Anaheim, SOLAR POWER INTERNATIONAL – Sept. 20, 2018 – Building on nearly a decade of successful manufacturing and global deployments of high performance batteries, SimpliPhi is introducing a dynamic and scalable PHI High Voltage energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications that offers the ability to tailor voltage, capacity and power output for project-specific performance. It supports greater control and reliability without toxic coolants or thermal monitoring to achieve peak shaving, load shifting, emergency back-up and demand response functions. The PHI High Voltage unit will be unveiled at Solar Power International/Energy Storage International in Anaheim from September 25-27 in SimpliPhi’s booth #3220.

PHI High Voltage stacks feature modular battery building blocks that can be sized and scaled and installed without heavy equipment, instead of the one-size-fits-all, large, cumbersome battery banks common in other C&I offerings. In addition, when a building, facility or campus requires multiple voltage, capacity and power output parameters at different locations, each PHI High Voltage system can be optimized for that location’s unique use case.

“Whether commercial or residential, our installers and end customers know they can count on SimpliPhi not only for energy storage solutions that deliver safety, reliability and superior performance, but also for designs that thoughtfully address the needs of the market,” says SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “PHI High Voltage is no exception. It’s a dynamic, modular system that can be built-to-suit each project. When commercial property owners and managers are able to tailor a storage solution to a project’s requirements, they realize stronger financial returns and performance. As their project partner, it’s important to us to provide solutions that deliver the outcomes they consider most important.”

When it came to choosing a high voltage solution for the Silver Cloud winery, the second microgrid at Stone Edge Farm, Project Manager Craig Wooster says PHI High Voltage leapt out as the technology of choice. “Silver Cloud is located in a heavily wooded oak forest that is at risk of wildfires. Given that reality, the only option was to choose the safest, non-toxic LFP chemistry available. It would be irresponsible to install lithium ion batteries with cobalt on a mountain that can burn,” says Wooster. “Plus, we have had very good luck with our four previous SimpliPhi installations at Stone Edge Farm and have come to trust their reliability, longevity and performance.”

At SPI/ESI, the company will also debut the newest addition to its mobile product line: The ExprESS. Like its highly sought-after predecessor the PowerBank, ExprESS is a battery-powered AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that stores electricity for use when power from the grid is unavailable or intermittent, including during emergencies and black-out scenarios. Fully charged, the ExprESS offers either 5.4 kWh/24V or 7 kWh/48V — a sufficient reserve to operate computers, appliances, AV equipment, refrigerators, power tools, fans, electric blankets and medical equipment for hours or days at a time. Because it is enclosed in a NEMA-3 rated cabinet on wheels, ExprESS can be deployed inside or outside in a wide variety of commercial and emergency use cases.

In addition, visitors to Booth 3220 will get a look at SimpliPhi’s mobile, deployable Genny Emergency Kits for power solutions on the go, the PHI batteries and an AccESS + OutBack unit — which combines SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free, non-toxic LFP batteries with OutBack’s Radian Series inverter/charger featuring advanced battery charging, FLEXmax charge controllers, and OutBack’s communications and system management in a NEMA 3R outdoor-rated cabinet.

All SimpliPhi energy storage solutions feature Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry and are optimized with proprietary cell architecture and manufacturing processes, as well as state of the art BMS and stack controllers to deliver highly efficient, non-hazardous, on-demand critical power.

As part of the conference program, Von Burg will also discuss the role SimpliPhi’s full range of energy storage solutions are playing in emergency response efforts worldwide as part of a panel entitled The Roles of Storage and DER in Disaster Recovery and Resilience on Wednesday, September 26 from 2:30 to 4 p.m.

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