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SimpliPhi Extends Energize CA Initiative, Helps Homeowners & Businesses Keep Lights on During Public Safety Power Shutoffs & Wildfires

Company will continue special discounts and expedited shipping on 
energy storage and emergency power solutions through December 31, 2019.

Oxnard, CA (October 31, 2019) — As a California manufacturer of non-toxic, safe, residential, commercial and personal mobile energy storage and emergency power systems, SimpliPhi Power is extending its “Energize California” program — an initiative first introduced in June 2019 in response to statewide “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” (PSPS) announced by PG&E, SCE and SDG&E. The program will now run through December 31, 2019. The company’s goal is to continue to empower businesses and homeowners statewide by equipping them with the capacity to store and utilize power on their terms to make it through a PSPS, wildfire or any other grid outage.

“We were optimistic when we announced Energize California, hoping that the 2019 fire season would have run its course by the end of October. However, our new reality in California is one in which wildfire danger remains high for six months or longer during the year,” explains SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “I’ll never forget how terrifying it was to see the Thomas Fire encroach on our former headquarters building in Ojai on December 4, 2017. Our employees continue to face evacuations every year, even today. Personally and professionally, we understand how critical deploying safe, reliable emergency back-up power is to avoid losses and mitigate both the human and economic impact of grid outages. That’s why we remain committed to making sure no home or business is left in the dark. Energize California is an expression of our steadfast dedication to our community and our greater, global mission.”

SimpliPhi’s extended Energize California program includes special discounts on its popular fully integrated, pre-wired AccESS energy storage and management system, the ExprESS fuel-free mobile generators and the Genny portable emergency power kits. The Access, ExprESS and Genny’s can be charged with any power source — solar, wind, the grid or a fuel-based generator.

“For home and business owners who own generators but have been unable to fuel them during the current ‘no power, no pumps’ emergencies, our solutions optimize generator performance and extend fuel reserves by turning generators into a charging source, rather than the source of primary power,” explains Von Burg. “You can use your generator to charge up your AccESS, ExprESS or Genny and then turn it off until you need to recharge.”

She adds, “A critical addition to the Energize California initiative is a new version of the fully-integrated AccESS energy storage and management system featuring Sol-Ark inverters. These units allow home and business owners to install whole-house/whole-business backup power as a UPS without going through the permitting process or obtaining an interconnection agreement. The system can be installed by a licensed electrician immediately to provide back-up power, and home and business owners can decide later if they also want to install solar. This is a one-of-a-kind back-up power solution that meets the urgent need we’re seeing statewide for resilience.”

To expedite delivery and installation, the company will continue to offer drop-shipping anywhere in California, and local pick up from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Oxnard. Leading California renewable energy product suppliers altE, CED Greentech, Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Soligent and The Power Store, UMA and WESCO are partners in the Energize California effort and are offering discounts on the AccESS, ExprESS and other equipment vital to building resilience and energy security in local, distributed, customer-sited energy storage systems.

Organizations interested in joining Energize California to rapidly deploy emergency power solutions statewide are invited to contact SimpliPhi at Businesses and homeowners who want to learn more about the Energize California Initiative and how to connect with an installer can visit: or

Deployed successfully in 40+ countries worldwide since 2009, SimpliPhi’s products serve as a safer alternative to typical cobalt-based lithium ion batteries that are prone to thermal runaway and hazards. The company uses only lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is non-toxic, environmentally benign and does not experience thermal runaway.

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With a mission to create universal access to reliable, safe and affordable energy, SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic and enduring energy storage and management systems that utilize  environmentally benign lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. Based in Oxnard, California, SimpliPhi combines the non-hazardous LFP energy storage chemistry with its proprietary cell and battery architecture, power electronics, Battery Management System (BMS) and manufacturing processes to create safe, reliable, durable and highly scalable on-demand power solutions for the residential, commercial, military, emergency response and film industries. Integral to all SimpliPhi Power solutions is a proprietary management system that further optimizes the life-cycle, performance and durability of its batteries. SimpliPhi Power storage system components are UL certified and have been rigorously tested and passed requirements by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. For more information, please visit and follow us @SimpliPhiPower or Facebook and LinkedIn.