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Customers Power Through Outages with Energize CA

SimpliPhi’s energy storage keeps the lights on during PSPS, fires, natural disasters. Now extended through December to ALL states as Energize America.

OXNARD, Calif. – Sep. 17, 2020 – In 2019, Energize CA was SimpliPhi Power’s answer to provide timely, affordable relief from widespread power outages during California’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs and fire season. The overwhelming response from people in need of critical back-up power caused the company to reintroduce the campaign in 2020, again offering discounted pricing and expedited shipping on their line of integrated energy storage solutions. However, with the increase in the frequency and severity of climate disasters across the country, the company recognized that all Americans are in dire need of energy reserves to be resilient and has expanded the campaign to the entire country as Energize America. The campaign will also extend the discounts and expedited shipping through December 31, 2020.

Catastrophic climate events demonstrate the need for customer-sited affordable energy storage solutions

To date, California has experienced a record-breaking wildfire season with over 7,718 fires and 3.5 million acres burned, taking lives and displacing tens of thousands of the state’s residents, threatening to destroy whole communities. However, power outages related to severe weather and climate change is not exclusive to California wildfires alone. Across the nation we are seeing a drastic increase in climatic disasters and ensuing power outages, forcing many to evacuate, seek safe shelter and search for reliable power sources. In Jackson County, Oregon, approximately 7,200 customers were without power as of Sunday September 13th and more than 40,000 people have been forced to vacate their homes. In Northern Utah, Rocky Mountain Power reported more than 174,000 residents were without power due to hurricanes and windstorms. In Chicago, IL, the Derecho left 260,000 homes in the dark, while Hurricane Isaias in the North East had the catastrophic impact of leaving 6.4 million households without power. In the Southeast, Hurricane Laura cut power to over 300,000 customers in Texas and Louisiana combined, with over 50% of associated fatalities being attributed to generator carbon-monoxide poisoning, rather than the hurricane itself.

Evacuations of homes and businesses create need for mobile and portable energy storage

Customer-sited battery storage is the only solution that can create reliable back-up power in the face of growing threats to the centralized grid, whether at home, at work or during evacuations. SimpliPhi offers a full range of energy storage solutions that scale from small mobile, hand-held power packs, the Genny Emergency Kits with Solar Chargers, to the ExprESS battery powered generators on wheels with indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R rated cabinets, as well as the pre-integrated whole home or small commercial AccESS units, also housed in NEMA 3R rated indoor/outdoor cabinets. The urgency and sheer numbers of people across the country facing power outages is what inspired SimpliPhi to extend the “Energize” campaign through December, as well as offer additional coverage to the entire U.S. and territories.

“For home and business owners who own generators but have been unable to fuel them during the current ‘no power, no pumps’ emergencies, our solutions optimize generator performance and extend fuel reserves by turning generators into a charging source, rather than a primary source of power,” explains CEO Von Burg. “You can use your generator to charge up your AccESS, ExprESS or Genny and then turn it off until you need to recharge.”

People across America need help and SimpliPhi has proven battery storage solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost effective

SimpliPhi Power has been deploying energy storage and management systems globally since 2010, the year the company founded. With a proven track record of performance for over a decade with independent validation from the Department of Defense, the company has solved problems around resilience and access to energy in some of the harshest environments and challenging use-cases, spanning territories in over 40 countries. The company has expertise in emergency response and preparedness with integrated systems in stock and ready to ship. While other companies in the storage industry continue to have delays and will not be able to ship until the first quarter of 2021, SimpliPhi has made a commitment to deliver. SimpliPhi offers a nation-wide Distribution network with specially trained Elite IQ Installers. To expedite delivery and shipping, the company will continue to offer drop-shipping throughout the US and local pick-up from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Oxnard, CA.

As a mission-driven company SimpliPhi is committed to helping people and communities in need with safe, efficient energy storage

SimpliPhi’s products serve as a safer alternative to typical cobalt-based lithium ion batteries that are prone to thermal runaway and toxic hazards. The company only uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is non-toxic, environmentally benign and does not pose a risk to customers in need of emergency back-up power. The company believes in and has been executing on the triple bottom line in which people, planet and profit are weighted equally in all business decisions, from governance to purchasing raw materials in its supply chain to the impact on employees in manufacturing and the communities it serves. The company has grown based on the efficacy of its technology, solving real-world problems around access to energy, not VC funding. Every function of the company is aligned with its mission and corporate social responsibility.

SimpliPhi invites others to join the Energize America campaign to help people with their energy needs during this difficult time

Organizations interested in joining Energize California to rapidly deploy emergency power solutions nationwide are invited to contact SimpliPhi at The company has already deployed mobile renewable microgrids for pop-up COVID-19 field hospitals, critical back-up power for low income housing projects and emergency resiliency centers with its long-standing strategic partners. The company is looking to expand the positive impact that private companies can have on communities and people’s lives when they collaborate for the greater good, particularly in these challenging times.

Energize America with safe, non-toxic and affordable energy storage and management systems and rebuild the nation’s communities with SimpliPhi Power.