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SimpliPhi CEO Speaks at Stanford C3E on Energy Storage

The C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium is an annual, invitation-only event bringing together female leaders in the energy industry as well as representatives from partner governments to build a strong and interconnected network. Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power, was invited to speak on an all-female panel regarding the future of energy storage.

"All over the world we're seeing the impact of climate change. When we have large distribution systems, bigger is not necessarily better where transmission & distribution is breaking down & putting millions of people at risk...We have centralized infrastructure. Let's optimize it... By combining distributed generation & storage, we create resilience in local communities... The more local the resources & the assets, the more secure you are." - Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power, Inc., at C3E Clean Energy Education & Empowerment Awards this week.

Click here to view the full event recording. Catherine Von Burg's panel begins at 5 hours and 42 minutes into this livestream recording.

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