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To Our Customers, Partners, Investors, Shareholders and Friends of OES

In order to more effectively position our technology for what we anticipate will be a dynamic new phase of market opportunity and growth, we are very excited to announce the renaming of our company and the rebranding of our product lines. OES is now SimpliPhi Power.

Since 2010, we have been focused on developing high performance power storage solutions for residential and commercial installations, as well as robust mobile plug-and-play systems as early as 2002. The years we dedicated to R&D and beta testing have translated into performance profiles and a level of execution across market applications that is unparalleled in the power storage industry.

Our new name reflects our desire to capture in our brand what our technology does for our customers; that is, to SimpliPhi Power—your power, in connection with, or independent of, the grid. Phi is the Greek symbol that represents the Golden Ratio, an immutable law of mathematics used to analyze relationships and proportions between component parts and the whole, both in nature and the mechanical world. When adhered to, these golden ratios achieve remarkable balance, symmetry and simplicity, and are fundamental principles to our company and the way we design our products.

We SimpliPhi access to power by creating safe, non-toxic, efficient, maintenance-free energy storage that does not generate excessive heat, that is power dense, long-lasting and scalable for homes, businesses, military, emergency response and mobile markets. The balance, proportion, stability and harmony of Phi crystallizes how our distributed energy storage solutions optimize the entire energy supply chain by empowering people to become active participants in the generation, transmission and utilization of their own power. It also resonates with the markets and customers that we see driving our business to new levels: people and companies that are seeking a greater balance between their increasing needs for access to power and the environmental call to reduce greenhouse gasses and the inefficiencies associated with line loss in centralized transmission.

As newer entrants serve to raise awareness of the critical role energy storage plays in creating uninterrupted and universal access, we see an enormous and timely opportunity to differentiate ourselves. Our legacy of disciplined R&D, beta testing and product development, combined with our proven track record and immediate commercial availability across diverse applications and markets, establishes us as an industry simpliphi-power-ceo-catherineleader in energy storage solutions. Our products are uncomplicated by safety and operational trade-offs, and offer the most environmentally friendly lithium ion chemistry available— lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) combined with a high performance proprietary architecture and battery management system (BMS). We believe our products inspire a truly simple solution that brings balance back to people’s lives. SimpliPhi Power. On your terms.

With a shared vision for a sustainable future,


Catherine Von Burg
President & CEO