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Simpliphi Power Selected As Energize California Innovator

SimpliPhi Power Selected as “Energize California Innovator”

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) has selected SimpliPhi Power to join its second Energize California Innovators Program cohort. The goal of the program is to help the most promising new technologies advance within the California energy market as part of the California Energy Commission’s statewide initiative to drive energy innovation and support California’s renewable energy goals.

SimpliPhi was chosen together with six other companies representing a wide range of clean energy technologies from throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara regions. Our fellow cohort members include:

  • Arctica Solar - Orange County - Designs and manufactures high performance solar air heating and cooling products
  • EVBox North America - Los Angeles County - Builds durable and easy-to-use electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Fluency Lighting Technologies - Santa Barbara County - Developing next-generation bright and narrow beam light sources
  • Muir Data Systems - Los Angeles County - Offers software that optimizes the maintenance and management of wind turbines
  • Swell Energy - Los Angeles County - Provides a one-stop-shop distributed energy platform that makes it easy to buy and install batteries
  • ZON - Los Angeles County - Manufactures solar-powered mobile device USB charging stations integrated into commercial grade outdoor umbrellas

Through Energize California, SimpliPhi will be working alongside these six companies and government, regulators, private industry, researchers, energy customers, utilities, investors, nonprofits, and community organizations to identify regional energy needs and help funnel energy technology solutions into the local region -- especially into disadvantaged communities. Given SimpliPhi’s driving commitment to improving universal access to energy in California and around the world, we are excited to be part of a program that is focused on ensuring an inclusive energy economy while improving the grid and resilience to the benefit of all energy consumers in California.