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SimpliPhi Power & Briggs & Stratton Hit the Road to Bring Industry-Leading Trainings to Installers Around the US

An Interview with Daniel Moyer, Sales Support Trainer

Question: What is the idea behind hitting the road with a demonstration trailer to offer in-person training for Installers?

Response: We have been calling it the “SimpliPhi & Briggs ESS Roadshow”. It consists of a small group of Energy Solutions specialists that travel around the country to train installers on the fundamentals of how battery storage can be integrated with generators to optimize and reduce fuel consumption to create savings, efficiencies and critical backup when the grid fails.

The purpose of the Roadshow is to provide hands-on training for Installers on energy storage system design, installation techniques, troubleshooting, commissioning, and strategies for successful sales. A core goal of the Roadshow is to ensure that installers, dealers and distributors that have historically only sold generators understand the functional and economic benefits of generators + storage for their customers. The on-site trainings provide an opportunity to interact with generators, energy storage, and inverter charge controller equipment in combination with the monitoring and control software platform, the SimpliPHI ESS EnergyTrak.  In this way, Installers are empowered to articulate the economic benefits of integrating energy storage with generators for cost savings and true resilience during power outages, even adding additional generation sources, such as solar, for system redundancy in both grid-tied and off-grid systems.

What type of equipment does the Roadshow trailer utilize?

Response: We use a trailer with an operational demonstration unit consisting of one SimpliPHI ESS 6 kW Inverter, one Gateway, and two SimpliPHI 4.9 Batteries. This system is installed on a portable display attached to a trailer that supports easy access, travel and setup on site.

We also provide live SimpliPHI ESS, generator and solar energy system wire demonstrations that combine lecture-style and installation lab-style interactive workshops. In the PV Lab we provide solar panel interfacing and in the ESS Lab we demonstrate how Installers can design, size and commission the fully integrated ESS stack of hardware and software equipment to access programming and operate the overall system. We, of course, break for lunch in between Labs!

What additional topics do you cover in the hands-on presentations?

Response: We cover everything from Tools and Techniques for Commissioning and Maintenance of PV Systems, to Battery Safety and Maintenance, Industry Codes, Standards & Permitting, and  Meeting Installation Best Practices.

Where have you gone?

Response: We have provided in-person trainings in Oxnard, CA, Raleigh, NC, and Hartford, CT.

Who are you traveling with?

Response: My colleagues on the Briggs team in Raleigh were Matt Buff, Senior Trainer Standby Generators and Eric Asp, Territory Sales Manager. My colleagues in CT were John Wadman, Account Manager, Andy Renner, Senior Trainer Standby Generators, and Nick Rattan. Between both groups we’ve enjoyed many good meals and shared appreciation for motorcycles!

What were the highlights?

Response: I honestly have really enjoyed all of the stories and perspectives shared by the team of trainers ple and installers alike. It was fascinating to learn first-hand how people generally understand the different use-cases for  energy storage, and the varying conditions, building requirements and project objectives for designing and installing backup power systems on the east coast. For example, in California we don’t have basements as a fundamental part of a house or primary use meter/main combined service entrance panels.

Additionally, gaining insight into the varying energy markets across different states and local jurisdictions, as well as  the challenges installers face when selling solar and/or energy storage systems in those regions, has been illuminating.

It is also really impactful to just witness the reaction to the SimpliPHI ESS, especially when it is  the first battery system an Installer becomes acquainted with. Many Installers spoke of concerns about the very real upfront energy costs their customers continue to face with increasing utility rates, the rise in power outages and climate driven disasters.  With financial incentives secured through the IRA, the extension of the ITC, as well as local and state rebates for renewable energy + storage, we can offer robust ESS systems that leverage a range of financial offsets that significantly lower the upfront cost for customers looking to create resilience and critical backup power, whether they have generators or not.

Some installers also also expressed concern about safety and  battery recycling, but SimpliPhi batteries only utilize the LFP chemistry, cylindrical cell form factor, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, which have been tested and verified through the stringent UL 9540A Fire Safety Testing and the UL 9540 Certification, which are also responsibly recycled!

Overall, the Roadshow has been a positive experience and working with the SimpliPhi energy storage solutions – being able to offer the versatility, scalability and safety certifications, combined with the proprietary manufacturing processes and materials across the portfolio of energy storage products – makes me a total advocate!

One last point – installers have been loving that SimpliPhi offers a warranty for off-grid use!

Where are you headed next?

Response: Upcoming trips include Milwaukee, WI and Fort Meyers, FL. I’m looking forward to bringing more in person training opportunities to US installers in the near future!