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SimpliPhi IQ Installer Spotlight: Renewable Energy Services, Inc. (RES)

Founded in Hawaii in 1992, Renewable Energy Services, Inc. (RES) is the Big Island’s oldest and most trusted solar energy contractor. For over 27 years, this family-run business has specialized in the design, construction, and maintenance of off grid and grid-tied renewable energy systems for both residential and commercial applications. Though they focus primarily on battery-integrated solar energy systems, they have extensive experience with a range of renewable energy technologies. RES has more than 1,000 customers throughout Hawaii.

RES is unique in that they always take a knowledge-based approach to sales and system design. Their sales personnel are salaried — not commision-incentivized — and have extensive training on a wide variety of technology and system design criteria. This enables their staff to be able to recommend the ideal technology to cater to each customer’s unique needs, making sure to transparently relay the pros and cons of different options that are available. RES focuses on high quality system design and service, and pride themselves on operating with transparency and integrity with their customers. They also provide maintenance and repair service for any type of renewable energy system, and their talented and experienced service technicians are able to resolve even the most complex troubleshooting issues.

Recently, we talked to Joe Kent, Sales Manager at RES, to learn more about RES and his experience working for this top Hawaii solar+storage installation company:

What do you love most about your job?

“Working with employees who take pride in their work and who are generous with their knowledge and time.”

What motivates you?

“Opportunities to increase my own knowledge and skill in designing and building renewable energy systems, and serving happy, grateful customers.”

Why SimpliPhi?

“SimpliPhi has an excellent track record —they are one of the best value LiFePO (lithium iron phosphate) batteries available. They utilize a long-lasting and comparatively safe battery chemistry. They are simple to install and don’t have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.”

Where do you think the future of solar + storage in Hawaii is headed?

“Off-grid and battery-integrated grid-tied systems will continue becoming more affordable and reliable, and as a result, much more common for households.”

What do you think is the largest challenge facing this industry in Hawaii and/or your business specifically?

“Battery inverter functionality needs to become more user-friendly and trouble-free. It’s still too common for advanced inverters to have glitches and require follow-up service to keep working properly and for risk-averse homeowners to be completely comfortable with investing in.”

How did you come to work in solar + storage?

“I’ve always been an environmentalist and saw a lot of potential in the solar energy industry to help ease many of the problems the world faces.”

What are your most common energy storage applications at present and why?

“Bill reduction – homeowners want a lower bill primarily, and being able to achieve that with a more environmentally friendly energy source is a major bonus. That and for off-grid systems where no utility power is available.”

What do you see driving the growth of energy storage in the future?

“Increased reliability, decreased cost, increased awareness.”

If you had your own late night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

“Vladimir Putin because he is one of the most feared and powerful people in the entire world. I want to understand his psychology.”

What’s the most important advice you can give to people?

“You have to surrender to win. Kill with kindness. Work smarter, not harder.”

Despite consistent solar+storage policy fluctuations in Hawaii and endless iterations in power electronics technology, RES has always charged ahead with a can-do attitude, never failing to find their customers top notch, high quality, yet affordable solutions. RES always has their customers’ interests top of mind, including through their robust after-sales support. RES is one of SimpliPhi’s oldest installers, having installed countless well-designed, clean SimpliPhi PHI battery systems with solar across Hawaii, and we look forward to many more impactful years of partnership to come. Their focus on customer service is very much aligned with SimpliPhi’s objective to support customers for the life of the project.