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SimpliPhi Energy Storage Plus Company Vision Honored by Gold Stevie Award

SimpliPhi Power has joined the elite list of American businesses to be honored by the Stevie Awards for their technology and business vision by winning a 2016 Gold award. Created in 2002, the Stevie Awards are considered the world’s premier business awards. The awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide.

SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg accepted the award on behalf of the company for the category Energy Industry Innovation of the Year. The category considered a new innovation introduced in the last year as well as the overall business achievements in this same time frame. Watch Von Burg’s acceptance speech in the clip below.

“I am honored to accept this award on behalf of our CTO Stuart Lennox and the entire SimpliPhi team,” said Von Burg. “The Stevie Awards not only look at the technology innovations that shape our future but recognize it’s the business model that helps introduce it to the world that matters as well.”

Stevie Award Judges Applaud New High-Output Battery

The new energy industry innovation that won over the Stevie Award judges was SimpliPhi’s High-Output Battery. In order to address the Marine Corps requirements for a high-output battery, SimpliPhi designed a battery that could provide a sustained peak output of 10 to 15 minutes without any risk of overheating, thermal runaway, fire or shutting down. This High-Output Battery, launched to the market in 2015, discharges power quickly for peak requirements, which can also be used in commercial markets to save money on costly utility demand charges, as well as for long durations in off-grid or blackout scenarios. SimpliPhi’s High-Output Batteries are the most powerful and versatile on the market. The battery architecture creates minimal electrical impedance, so SimpliPhi’s batteries do not have a thermal profile that needs to be managed or cooled and that have never suffered dangerous thermal runaway or fires. Such sophisticated design allows for one unit to provide both peak and long duration power, while also being modular, scaleable, non-toxic and safe.

This architecture makes the High-Output battery ideal for accelerating the transition to an energy grid that flourishes on renewables and mitigates our carbon footprint and consequent climate change. Whether homes and businesses are located in developed or developing countries, everyone can benefit from cleaner, more independent renewable power. Non-toxic energy storage from SimpliPhi is a cradle-to-cradle solution that transitions the world to greater energy resilience, and protects the planet from climate change peril.

Company Evolution to Capture Market Growth Recognized

In addition to the high-output battery innovation, the Stevie Award judges recognized the many great strides SimpliPhi as a business had taken in the last year. The company has now evolved beyond the entertainment industry and provides its solutions for homes, businesses, military, emergency response and mobile markets. The company executed on rapid expansion plans in the past year scoring key additions to the executive team and expanding beyond North America to European and Asia Pacific markets.

All the SimpliPhi power storage solutions interface with any power generation source, optimizing solar and wind but even generators and the grid. The introduction of the High-Output Battery in 2015 embodies all of these benefits and represents a culmination of the proven, refined technology innovation that makes SimpliPhi Power a leader in energy storage today. Thank you to the Stevie Awards for recognizing our accomplishments!