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PHI Reimagined: Introducing Our New 3.8-M Battery Design

Introducing the next generation of SimpliPhi Power’s industry-leading safe lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery – the PHI 3.8-M – now available in our sleek but tough signature white metal design.

Instantly recognizable by the rugged, powder-coated steel housing, our updated PHI 3.8-M kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery is more durable, efficient, and capable of withstanding the elements. With enhanced performance, our modular and scalable PHI batteries are even better suited for a wide range of applications to create reliable, cost-effective energy storage and integrated management systems.

Customers First: We take your feedback seriously and always put the experience of customers and installers at the forefront of our engineering decisions, focusing on details that make a difference. Our updated PHI 3.8-M design is compatible with our legacy products and can be added to existing PHI battery systems. We also ensured that other features like larger handle-grips to accommodate work-gloves and more durable terminals with a higher torque tolerance were included to make installation hassle free and enable just one installer to build a battery bank – no forklift required!

Improved Performance: The new metal casing enables better heat transfer within the battery, further enhancing thermal management and limiting the degradation effects all batteries experience, improving battery performance. Our longer-lasting PHI batteries now provide an even better value for your investment, and come with our 10-year warranty, an expected cycle life of 10,000 cycles at 80% DoD, and SimpliPhi’s legendary technical and customer support.

Enhanced Resilience: With a more seamless design, the updated PHI 3.8-M battery is more resistant to damage from the elements, physical impacts, water leaks, and external heat sources. Our PHI batteries have a proven, longstanding track record of performance and have been in the field for over 10 years, with demonstrated success in some of the most austere and tough conditions globally. Now, with additional protection and durability, our sleek and ruggedized metal battery design supports PHI-powered energy storage systems to be confidently deployed in demanding and remote applications, as well as in residential and commercial buildings for reliable and enduring access to power.

Sustainable Design: The updated white steel housing, manufactured in the USA, is the same material used in our premium AmpliPHI 3.8 kWh battery, creating a more sustainable product than our previous ABS plastic. Using the same steel housing also makes our manufacturing operations even more efficient, and the new design is easier to recycle – limiting the environmental impact of our products even further. SimpliPhi Power continues to take steps to improve the sustainability of our products, manufacturing processes and company operations.  This is part of our commitment to an integrated bottom line where the impact on people and the planet are valued alongside profit, as integral to our success.

Available Everywhere: Pallets of our updated PHI 3.8-M batteries are already being shipped from our Oxnard, CA manufacturing plant to distributors and installers around the world. Our complete line of PHI batteries is available in different energy capacities to adapt and scale easily to meet project requirements, including the 730 watt-hours, the 1.4 kWh, and now the sleek, ruggedized 3.8-M kWh in the new white metal housing. Our global network of Distributors and Elite IQ Installers are ready to work with customers to deliver the SimpliPhi Power energy storage and management systems that are right for them.

Whether installed as standalone back-up power, as part of a solar or wind powered system, or integrated into a microgrid or virtual power plant, customers looking for a safe, affordable energy storage system with premium performance and efficiency features will immediately recognize the value of our legacy and updated PHI batteries.

You can view our Where to Buy page to find a SimpliPhi Distributor or Elite IQ Installer near you!

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