SimpliPhi Power is All In

With US officially re-committed to the Paris Agreement, SimpliPhi Power is going ‘All In’ on climate and sustainability.
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Featured IQ Installer: Rising Sun Solar

Rising Sun Solar discusses what motivates them to work in clean energy, the importance of SimpliPhi’s feedback to ensure a well-installed system, & more.
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Featured IQ Installer: Brad Fort of New Leaf Electric

The southern CA installer shares his most common installation needs, customer feedback, and why there are no ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.
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Power Outages, Safety and Savings

SimpliPhi financing options make owning your power easier than ever – and you can avoid the many pitfalls and problems with leasing and ‘no-money-down’ offers.
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Featured IQ Installer: Derek Wadsworth of Solar Works

Installer Name: Derek Wadsworth, Owner at SolarWorks! Company Name: SolarWorks! LLC City/State/Country: Durango, CO, USA Website: We love talking to our Elite IQ Installers and asking them questions about their pioneering work in the renewable energy industry. This week, we had a chance to catch up with Derek Wadsworth, Owner of Solar Works, and our featured Elite IQ Installer for February 2021! Derek shared his experience with successful home solar and storage installations, his favorite benefits of working with SimpliPhi batteries, and offers some tips...
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Now You Can Get What You Want, And It’s Just What You Need

SimpliPhi Power has an adaptable, scalable line of UL 9540 products to choose from for home or business.
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SimpliPhi Join UN Compact; Release Sustainability Report

From our inception 10 years ago, SimpliPhi Power has embarked on a clear mission to create universal access to safe, reliable, and affordable energy to empower people, communities, and enterprises globally. We believe that distributed, customer-sited energy storage renewable generation is essential to economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability. SimpliPhi Power focuses on projects and partnerships that are in alignment with our mission, bringing together purpose with profit. We leverage the power of energy storage to make an impact on...
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If Cobalt Is So Bad, Why Are Some Companies Still Using It? Part 2

The destructive consequences of cobalt mining and usage are both well documented and heartbreaking. Why are some companies still using it?
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Letter From the CEO: A Turbulent Year, and Transformation Ahead

It seems an understatement to say that 2020 has been a turbulent year. Thanks to our dedicated team and thorough planning, we were ready.
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If Cobalt Is So Bad, Why Are Some Companies Still Using It In Batteries? Part 1

The terrible consequences of cobalt mining and usage are both well documented and heartbreaking. Devastating environmental impacts from extraction that render large swaths of land unusable and polluted waterways. Children forced to work in dangerous and claustrophobic ‘artisanal’ mines (a truly sinister euphemism). Toxicity, lung disease, heart failure, and cancer from exposure, even touching the chemical can cause an instant rash. Cobalt was once deemed a worthless metal, only an indicator that other valuable ores might be nearby. But our...
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