SimpliPhi IQ Installer Spotlight: West Coast Sustainables

Having lived off grid on solar+storage for 5 years now, Jason Andrade, the owner of West Coast Sustainables, walks the walk.
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CSLB Vote Threatens California’s Solar Industry

Limiting solar+storage and other energy storage system installation to C-10 licensed electricians puts entire industry at risk.
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A Tipping Point – Our Energy, Investments and Future

Evidence shows unsubsidized renewable energy generation coupled with energy storage is more cost-efficient than heavily subsidized fossil fuels.
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Choosing the Safest Emergency Power to Get You Through a Wildfire, Earthquake or Superstorm

A safety guide to help consumers shop for back-up power solutions for hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other emergency scenarios.
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Lithium Ion Energy Storage Battery Buyers’ Guide

Even though they are referred to generically as one class of battery, not all lithium ion batteries are the same when it comes to safety, performance and reliability.
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Heat Wave Blackouts Emphasize Need for Emergency Power Solutions

Blackouts in 16 states signal need to provide uninterrupted power when the grid goes down using energy storage, renewable generation and microgrids.
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Tech Tips: Solar + PHI Batteries

Add PHI batteries to grid tied PV systems to mitigate high utility rates and deliver back-up power when the grid goes down.
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SimpliPhi IQ Installer Spotlight: Renewable Energy Services, Inc. (RES)

Founded in Hawaii in 1992, Renewable Energy Services, Inc. (RES) is the Big Island’s oldest and most trusted solar energy contractor.
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Dark Summer

Power companies notify customers they will turn off power to fire-prone areas during windy or hot days as a safety precaution.
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Meet the Team – Timna Zemel

Timna Zemel is a systems integration analyst who works out of our Denver office.
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