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Now You Can Get What You Want, And It’s Just What You Need

In our recent announcement, SimpliPhi Power showcased an entire line of equipment certified by UL according to the 9540 standard – PHI batteries, AccESS, BOSS.6 and BOSS.12 – allowing more than 60 different, scalable combinations of resilient, reliable and safe energy storage solutions for homes and businesses.

In addition to our unparalleled standard of safety and performance, our solutions are not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Now, you can customize a wide range of cost-effective critical back-up and/or renewable energy systems to optimize the amount of energy storage you need – from single home to multi-family apartments to commercial buildings and operations.

SimpliPhi systems can be sized appropriately to reduce or completely eliminate utility time-of-use (TOU) and demand charges, pair with solar panels so energy can be used when the grid is down, or just back-up specific electrical loads during power outages. We focus on empowering customers to take control of their own energy, to make informed decisions and to get the energy and power requirements they want – and we make sure it’s just what they need.

What is UL 9540 and Why Does it Matter?

UL 9540 is the most stringent safety standard for battery energy storage systems installed in homes and businesses. UL 9540 takes the guess work out of understanding system safety, ensures that energy storage devices meet certification requirements specified in building and fire codes, and provides assurance to customers that their batteries and balance-of-system equipment will perform and not create hazards. Customers are encouraged to ask any system installer or vendor if their proposed solution is UL 9540 certified – and request a solution that is approved for its safety and performance.

Home Blackouts Averted

On average, homeowners can lose power several times a year. But in many parts of the country, both planned and unplanned power outages are becoming much more frequent and disruptive to daily life, sometimes with substantial financial losses. Even with solar panels on your roof, unless you also have complimentary energy storage installed, when the grid goes down so do your PV panels, leaving you in the dark.

Typically, a back-up power system will be designed to meet your need to support ‘critical loads’ – a refrigerator, communications, and some limited lighting – what you consider ‘critical’ in a power outage. In an average house, that is about 8 – 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy consumption per day.

With SimpliPhi’s AccESS™ with PHI™ 3.8 kWh batteries, you can get anywhere from 15.2 kWh up to 22.8 kWh – nearly three days of critical load back-up power!

If you prefer a solution that covers not only your critical loads but your entire home (or your needs are a bit higher than average), you can upgrade and add more back-up power by adding one of our BOSS.6 cabinets, which can hold up to six more PHI 3.8 kWh batteries – bringing your total available power up to 45.6 kWh. Depending on your energy needs, it could provide nearly two days of back-up for powering your entire home, or six days of managing just your critical power needs.

All these flexible options can easily be combined with existing solar systems or new solar installations, allowing solar+storage homeowners to take control and store their own reliable power to use during outages until the electric grid is restored. And these systems can also be cycled daily when the grid is operational to save money by offsetting or eliminating time-of-use (TOU) and utility demand charges!

Uninterruptable Businesses

When it comes to your small business, you have enough to worry about without stressing over how much money you might lose when the power goes out. Often referred to as the value of lost load (VOLL), without electricity businesses will come to a halt – you can’t process payments; refrigeration is lost; you can’t serve customers online or in person; your employees are unable to complete basic operational tasks.

VOLL will vary quite a bit depending on the type of business impacted and can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

Thinking of a small, retail business – when the power is off, your computers and most cash registers go down, you can no longer process credit or digital payments, your lights are off, you are in effect closed.

Now, add a scalable SimpliPhi Power energy storage back-up system. You can combine the same AccESS + Sol-Ark inverter used to power a home with our larger BOSS.12 cabinet for up to 68.4 kWh of resilient and safe back-up power running up to 18 kW of loads at 240 volts to meet essential power needs.

That may seem a little technical, but what it means is you can keep your critical systems running, keep your doors open, and ensure your customers can enjoy your products and services, in person and on-line. Combined with solar or another source of generation, and you’ll never have to shut your doors just because the grid goes down again!

Powering Small Commercial, Resilient Operations

For smaller commercial and industrial customers, and those that need three-phase power (up to 27 kW at 208 volts), SimpliPhi has UL 9540 certified solutions that can combine and scale to meet your needs.

Our solutions create scalable mix-and-match options, so that you can customize large systems with 3 AccESS + Sol-Ark 12 kW inverters, built with six PHI batteries each (18 total), and add a BOSS.6 and a BOSS.12 cabinet, for a solution with three-phase power and a total of 136.8 kWh of energy storage to ensure your business is resilient, allowing employees to continue critical functions. Additional BOSS cabinets can be added to your configuration for even more power and energy, allowing even more flexibility.

Whatever scale – from small homes to businesses – SimpliPhi Power has a flexible and dynamic platform to build from that is UL 9540 certified for safety and performance to meet your needs.

Our network of distributors and installers will never force you into a one-size-fits-all solution and will work with you to get the right amount of resilient power in your hands – with quicker permitting and installation times than non-UL 9540 certified products – saving you both time and money!

Reach out here to learn more today!