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Little Genny Power Kit Saves Family Time, Money, and Stress

Charles from Banner Mountain in Nevada City, CA shares his experience using a SimpliPhi / Briggs & Stratton Little Genny Power Kit to optimize his generator when the power goes out:

“We used to only lose power when it snowed. We’d put a cooler outside, fill it with snow and empty the fridge into it. I’d light a fire in the fireplace, and we could last days like this, no problem. Now our power goes out at the utility’s discretion, often when it’s hot outside during high fire danger. We can’t always rely on our backyard snow bank to keep our food cold. So we got a little hand-me-down gas-powered generator, and I run extension cords all through the house to power the fridge and some lights.

We also welcomed a son into our family; oh boy, how things change! In addition to the cords running to the kitchen, I need to run an extension cord to the kid’s room to power the baby monitor and sound machine during naps and overnight. Since we run these overnight, I have to keep the generator running overnight too, which often means adding gas in the wee hours of the morning.

A Little Genny allows us to optimize our generator usage by changing the batteries during the day from our generator. We set up the baby monitor and sound machine to run on the Little Genny and then power off the generator overnight. This setup saves on gas as the generator would run 8+ hours overnight with almost no load to keep the baby monitor and sound machine running. It also helps Mom and Dad get a full night’s sleep without having to gas up the generator when it runs dry. What a lifesaver!”