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AY Musik Chooses SimpliPhi to Energize Battery Tour

AY Young, also known as AY Musik, is the co-founder of the Battery Tour and one of the United Nation’s Young Leaders for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). These two ambitious undertakings have taken the Kansas City native around the globe, spreading the message about the imperative to act on climate and strengthen communities. 

The Battery Tour is recognized by the UN as a ‘fresh, imaginative approach uniting musical experience, community development, sustainability education, humanitarian aid, and international cooperation.’ 

But when asked about the critical capacity for change that he is building within communities globally and the immense impact he is having, his answer is simple; “I am blessed.” 

Outlets for Change 

“My mission is to get the world plugged in,’ said AY Young during a recent visit to SimpliPhi Power’s headquarters. “I use the Battery Tour as a platform to connect people with sustainable energy solutions around the world.” 

Through the Battery Tour, AY has hosted nearly 900 concerts entirely powered by renewable energy. Each concert is a chance to connect with local communities and spread the word about sustainable energy solutions. 

One of his most memorable experiences brought him to a small village in Honduras. 

“This was a huge milestone and was the first time we really helped get people access to clean energy.” 

The small village didn’t have electricity or clean water, but AY saw the potential of bringing music with a message, powered by solar panels and a small battery system.  

“A lot of the kids in the village had maybe experienced some music on their phones but had never experienced a ‘concert’ or live music event.” 

Alongside his performance and connecting with local kids, AY also helped with community improvement projects – painting and repairing buildings, among other assistance. After powering his performance, his portable energy system was also used by community members who otherwise had no electricity. 

“Having mobile energy there with us was essential.” 

The trip itself wouldn’t have been possible without a coalition of partners, including nonprofits and church groups that helped coordinate travel and visiting with the community (UN SDG #17 – Partnerships). 

“In order to achieve any of these SDGs will take collaboration. Collaboration with communities, plugged into each other, as outlets. And that is how we will empower change.”   

Partnering With a Purpose 

When we at SimpliPhi Power were first introduced to AY and his infectious passion for change, we knew right away our goals were aligned. SimpliPhi is a company that prioritizes people and the planet, alongside profit, as integral to our success. We share AY’s commitment to measure our actions by the impact they have to better the world and improve the lives of underserved communities. 

First things first though – we needed to upgrade his battery system to power his mission. 

AY chose SimpliPhi Power’s safe, reliable batteries to energize the Battery Tour because of the shared commitment to impact positive change and the non-toxic, cobalt free chemistry that underpins our battery systems. 

SimpliPhi donated one of our Big Genny ™ Emergency Kits to provide a portable energy solution so that AY could immediately power-up his music and charitable work. Next is a full renewable energy plus PHI battery mobile trailer to energize the Battery Tour.  This contribution is part of SimpliPhi’s IDEA: Deliver Energy Access, our own global initiative in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

“Access to clean and affordable energy is fundamental to economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability – and building our collective future globally,” said Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power. 

Together, AY Musik and SimpliPhi Power will be able to amplify each other’s impact and continue to advance progress towards the UN’s SDGs for 2030. 

What Lies Ahead 

As Covid restrictions are relaxed and travel options open back up, the Battery Tour will be hitting the road again to engage communities in climate action. For each concert, AY will power his performance with SimpliPhi’s rugged and enduring PHI batteries with an array of solar panels. 

SimpliPhi Power is donating additional batteries – along with our IDEA partner Footprint Project –which will be combined with donated solar panels to build a sustainable mobile energy system. This solar+storage trailer will be housed at AY’s studio in Kansas City to provide clean electricity to power his recording studio and equipment.  

In addition, the trailer will be readily available for Footprint Project and other partners to use for rapid response disaster recovery efforts throughout the region, ensuring there is always a source of sustainable power available for first responders and frontline workers to utilize when there is an emergency in the community. 

This exciting project will be built this summer – and we’ll have a livestream of the entire build process available in July so that you can tune into to learn more about the exciting work of SimpliPhi’s IDEA, the Footprint Project, AY’s Musik, and the Battery Tour. 

Check back soon to witness the synergy that comes from partners working together to achieve UN SDG #17 and see the trailer-build streaming live!