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Are You Prepared? Powering Through Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires and Other Emergencies.


Government agencies, utilities and disaster relief organizations regularly publish guides to emergency preparedness for superstorms, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other emergencies. They advise that all citizens have a disaster kit on hand with enough food, water and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours. They also suggest that all disaster supplies be combined into one or two easy-to-carry containers, such as plastic bins.

As you might expect, you’ll find emergency radios, lighting, and cell phone chargers on nearly every list of recommended emergency kit items. Other lists remind people to include any medical devices or essential medications they might need.

What’s often missing from this common advice is a strategy to keep essential devices powered and medications refrigerated for the duration of an emergency. And further, there are no suggestions as to how to make sure your emergency power supply is easy-to-carry.

SimpliPhi has the answers. Whether you find yourself needing to shelter in place or evacuate, SimpliPhi offers a full range of stationary, mobile and portable backup and emergency power solutions that you can rely on when the grid goes down.

Sheltering in Place

During some emergencies, communities are told to shelter in place in their homes or businesses. It is in these scenarios that an investment in a residential or commercial battery bank proves invaluable.

Many solar customers do not realize that when the grid goes down, they will lose access to their solar generation unless they have installed backup battery storage. Only with storage can they disconnect from the grid and begin to generate, store and use their own power on their terms throughout the blackout. A storage system as small as two PHI batteries and an inverter can allow a home or business to island from the grid during a blackout and ensure that the lights stay on, even when the utility turns them off. SimpliPhi’s plug-and-play AccESS is also a simple solar retrofit solution that provides essential storage for emergency scenarios.

Energy storage can also provide backup power to homes and businesses without solar. A PHI battery bank can be charged by the grid or a generator and be ready to provide several days of power during an emergency.

SimpliPhi portable Genny Emergency Kits and the ExprESS mobile, plug-and-play AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) also provide reliable emergency power in a shelter-in-place scenario.

Little Genny Emergency Kits provide 296Wh and Big Genny Emergency Kits provide 1,140Wh of non-toxic, non-hazardous lithium ion (LFP) portable and emergency power and come standard with a foldable solar panel. They are perfect for charging mobile phones, laptops, many medical devices, power tools, emergency lighting and more.

For larger electrical needs, SimpliPhi’s ExprESS mobile, plug-and-play AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) includes either 5.4 kWh or 7.0 kWh of power in a NEMA-3R outdoor rated enclosure with heavy-duty lockable casters. It can easily be wheeled from location to location for power wherever and whenever you need it.

All SimpliPhi storage solutions can be charged with a solar panel, grid power, a generator or any other power source. You can also charge them and use power simultaneously, and charge and discharge them thousands of times.


In many wildfire and hurricane scenarios, communities must evacuate to stay out of the path of danger. It’s during evacuation scenarios that it becomes critically important to have the ability to take your power with you.

Little Genny Emergency Kits are the size of a briefcase, and Big Genny Emergency Kits are the size of a rolling suitcase. They are lightweight enough to carry, and fit easily under a desk in the car, or on a bus or train.

Because the ExprESS is on wheels, it can be loaded up for transport in a truck or van during an evacuation.


Optimize Your Generator

If you have already invested in a fuel-based generator, SimpliPhi’s storage solutions can also help you save money on fuel and extend the life of the generator by switching it’s role from a source of primary power to a battery charging tool. This allows the generator to be used more effectively at its full capacity to charge the batteries for shorter periods of time, which significantly reduces generator run-time and the associated noise and maintenance costs. In particular, it helps save fuel during emergencies when fuel may be difficult to come by, or prohibitively expensive.

Don’t Skimp On Safety

When it comes to emergency power, safety is critical and chemistry matters.

SimpliPhi storage solutions are ideally suited for emergency scenarios because they feature the safest lithium ion chemistry: lithium ferro phosphate (LFP). LFP does not contain cobalt, which is the hazardous material that causes thermal runaway, toxic fumes and the risk of fire. Many consumers do not realize that most lithium ion batteries contain cobalt — which can be incredibly dangerous because cobalt fires cannot be extinguished and produce deadly, toxic fumes.

Without fumes or toxicity, SimpliPhi’s energy storage solutions can be used safely indoors in rooms of any size or in a vehicle without any ventilation or cooling.

Ready When You Need It

SimpliPhi storage solutions lose less than 1% charge per month and can therefore retain a charge for many months without any maintenance. To maintain maximum power, we recommend charging them after each use or once-a-year if they have not been used.

When it comes to buying emergency power, it’s important to check the warranty. Many backup power products are warrantied for as little as 18 months, and without regular testing you may find that they are not operational when the critical time comes! This is particularly true for lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries that contain cobalt. By contrast, SimpliPhi offers the industry’s leading warranty periods. Big and Little Gennys are warrantied for 5 years, and PHI Batteries and AccESS and ExprESS units are warrantied for 10 years. SimpliPhi’s energy storage products have also been proven in the field for more than a decade.

When failure is not an option, choose the safest and most reliable emergency and backup power solutions: SimpliPhi. Power On Your Terms.

Emergency Power Checklist:

  1. Is your emergency power source mobile or portable? Be prepared to take your power with you during an evacuation. And don’t forget your charger!
  2. What is your warranty? Lookout for emergency power products that carry warranties of only a few months. There is a chance they won’t be operational when you need them most.
  3. Is your backup power supply safe to store and use in your home or place of business? Avoid battery chemistries that are toxic or that can cause fires, such as lead acid and lithium ion with cobalt
  4. How much maintenance will your backup power solution require? Ensure that you’ll have power whenever an emergency strikes without having to conduct frequent maintenance or charging.
  5. Do you have enough power to supply your critical devices? Make a list of devices and tools in your emergency kit and determine how much power they’ll require. Look for an energy storage solution sized to meet those needs.