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Why Phi? Or, What’s in a Name?

simpliphi-power-phi-geometries-with-info-1088-612The new company name represents our desire to capture in our brand what our technology does for our customers, that is, SimpliPhi Power – your power, in conjunction with or beyond the limits of the grid. Phi (ϕ or 𝞅) is a Greek symbol that represents the Golden Ratio, an immutable law of mathematics used to analyze relationships and proportion between component parts and the whole, both in nature and the mechanical world. When adhered to, these golden ratios achieve remarkable balance, symmetry and simplicity and are fundamental principles to our company and the way we design and build our batteries. We SimpliPhi access to power by creating safe, non-toxic, efficient, maintenance-free energy storage that does not generate excessive heat, that is power dense, long lasting and scalable for homes, businesses, military, emergency response and mobile markets. The balance, proportion, stability and harmony of Phi, the golden ratio, crystallizes how our distributed energy storage solutions can and do optimize the entire energy supply chain by empowering people to become active participants in the generation, transmission and utilization of their own power. It also resonates with the markets and customers that we see driving our business to new levels: people and companies that are seeking a greater balance between their increasing needs for access to power and the security that comes with reliable, uninterrupted supplies and the environmental call to reduce greenhouse gasses and the inefficiencies associated with line loss in centralized transmission.

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