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SimpliPhi Power Makes Solar Power World’s 2015 Top Solar System Products List

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A solar installation is only as good as the quality of its components and service providers. Choosing reliable charge controllers and connectors helps  extend the life of your project. Solar+storage is a growing market, and one that is expected to flourish past the ITC cliff. Using the right storage options will boost project performance and ROI. Here are some of the best balance of systems technologies we’ve come across this year:


SimpliPhi Power OES2 SmartTech Battery

SimpliPhi Power OES2 SmartTech Battery

SIMPLIPHI POWER: OES2 2.6-kWh energy storage battery

Since 2002, SimpliPhi Power has manufactured efficient, portable lithium-ion batteries. Starting in the entertainment industry and now expanded into on/off-grid residential, commercial and military markets, SimpliPhi’s non-toxic, lithium ferrous phosphate batteries feature: 98% efficiency, 5,000+ cycles, 100% depth of discharge, with no need for cooling, and a 10-year warranty.