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SimpliPhi Introduces Increased Capacity Lineup, Price Cuts and Continued Global Expansion

Top-rated Energy Storage Systems Experiences Record Sales, Increased Manufacturing Capacity and Momentum in New Markets

OJAI, Calif. – April 25, 2018 – SimpliPhi Power, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of efficient, non-toxic and enduring energy storage and management systems, today announced that due to its continued growth and R&D investment, it has increased storage capacity and reduced prices across its entire line of energy storage solutions.

SimpliPhi Power delivers superior energy density that uses non-toxic lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) chemistry combined with proprietary manufacturing techniques and materials at a lower price point with unparalleled efficiency, safety, longevity and scalability. The company’s top selling PHI 3.4 and PHI 2.6 kWh batteries are enhanced to offer greater energy capacity and will now be sold as the PHI 3.5 kWh and the PHI 2.7 kWh. In addition to a lower up-front price point, SimpliPhi continues to drive down the levelized cost of storage (LCOS) per kWh delivered over the life of the PHI battery, making it the most competitive LCOS in the industry, particularly since SimpliPhi’s proprietary design and manufacturing eliminates the ancillary costs of cooling and thermal monitoring required by other industry standard lithium ion batteries that utilize the toxic and hazardous chemistry, cobalt.

“Continuous innovation is in our DNA. Providing greater energy density without sacrificing our compact size, low weight or scalability reflects our commitment to constant improvement,” said SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “We’re excited to offer greater capacity across our portfolio of products, from the PHI batteries, to our fully integrated systems like the AccESS, as well as our line of portable and mobile solutions, leveraging new economies of scale afforded by our dramatic growth.”

In 2017, the fast-growing California company tripled its revenue and increased its total energy storage deployments by more than 160 percent, making it the company’s most successful year to date. The company also expanded into new markets, including the United Kingdom, Chile and New Zealand. To keep up with growing demand, SimpliPhi will also relocate its manufacturing to a larger facility on the west coast in coming months.

SimpliPhi offers safer, more efficient and reliable energy storage solutions for a broader number of applications. Independent and military tests have confirmed that SimpliPhi’s unique non-toxic, cobalt-free chemistry offers unparalleled performance, including full operation at an extraordinary -4° to 140°F range of operating temperatures; an unmatched 98 percent efficiency rate; 10,000 cycle life; deep depth of discharge; and no need for costly cooling or thermal monitoring equipment to protect the warranty.

In addition, the integrated plug-and-play products do not require an internet connection or firmware upgrade to maintain operation, which is critical in remote, austere environments and during disasters and catastrophic events. These attributes make SimpliPhi’s line of energy storage solutions ideal for commercial, residential, industrial, military, entertainment, humanitarian or emergency deployments — both on and off grid. Proven in the field for more than 15 years, SimpliPhi offers a 10-year warranty and eliminates the hazards and risks associated with other industry standard lithium-ion batteries that utilize cobalt. Cobalt is toxic and hazardous. Lithium ferro (iron) phosphate is not.

About SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic and enduring energy storage and management systems that utilize non-toxic lithium ferro phosphate (LFP). Based in Ojai, California, SimpliPhi combines the non-hazardous LFP energy storage chemistry with its proprietary cell and battery architecture, power electronics, Battery Management System (BMS) and assembly methods to create safe, reliable, durable and highly scalable on-demand power solutions for the residential, commercial, military, emergency response and film industries. Integral to all SimpliPhi Power solutions is a proprietary management system that further optimizes the life-cycle, performance and durability of its batteries. SimpliPhi Power storage system components are UL certified and have been rigorously tested and passed requirements by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. For more information, please visit and follow us @SimpliPhiPower or Facebook and LinkedIn.

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