• PowerBankTM

    The PowerBankTM is a battery powered AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that stores electricity for use when and where power from the grid is unavailable: remote, off-grid, emergency and black-out scenarios.

    As a reliable primary or back-up power supply, the PowerBankTM is safe for indoor use, is non-toxic and does not require ventilation or cooling.

    Fully charged, the PowerBankTM 5.2 delivers 5,200 Watt hours (5.2 kWh), a sufficient reserve to operate computers, appliances, AV equipment, power tools, fans, electric blankets and medical equipment for hours or days at a time (see run-time chart).

    Where to Buy

    CE Certification SimpliPhi Power
    UN DOT Certification SimpliPhi Power
    RoHS Certification SimpliPhi Power