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Polebridge Mercantile – Off-Grid Solar Power Energy Storage

The new solar power system incorporates (87) 280 watt solar panels on the roof of the new barn and on three new pole top mounts nearby.
The system also employs 4 Schneider Xantrex XW 6048 Inverters, 2 Xantrex Power Distribution Panels, and 9 charge controllers.
Aeon Renewable Energy installed 12 PHI 3.4 kWh Batteries wired to a new copper busbar in a parallel configuration to provide a total 40.8 kWh of available power.

SIMPLIPHI POWER Polebridge Mercantile & Cabins is located 45 miles from the Utility Grid, on the western edge of Glacier National Park and has used a diesel-powered generator to provide power since the 1950’s. The constant rumble of the generator was an unwelcome addition to the majestic beauty of this unique wilderness location. A small 5kW solar power system with a large 48 volt flooded lead acid battery bank was installed in 2010, but proved too inadequate to meet load requirements and suffered from repeated deep cycle discharging. An additional 25kW of solar power were added along with SimpliPhi’s 3.4 kWh 48 Volt batteries to store power for overnight loads. The generator no longer runs continuously and guests may now enjoy the peace and silence of this remote natural paradise.

Twelve 48V SimpliPhi Power PHI 3.4 kWh LFP batteries are arranged in parallel to increase capacity. If the mercantile’s electrical loads increase over time, the SimpliPhi batteries easily scale, due to their compact, efficient size and weight to increase power output and capacity.

  • The 24V and 48V PHI 3.4 kWh 60 Amp deep-cycle Smart-Tech Battery with integrated Battery Management System (BMS) protection
  • Compatible with all inverter/charge controllers
  • Operating temperature -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
  • 98% efficiency rate
  • No ventilation or cooling required
  • UL Certified

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