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Off-Grid – Maui Brewing Company

35 SimpliPhi Power PHI 2.6 kWh batteries provide 91 kWh of power storage for offsetting daily electrical loads and car charging stations.

SIMPLIPHI POWER partnered with ZeroBase to integrate in a microgrid installation at the Maui Brewing Co., Maui, Hawaii. Infamously high energy prices, coupled with a significant proportion of power generation coming from oil and gas, the Maui Brewing Co. wanted to reduce its costs and reliance on fossil fuel based utility power by transitioning to a higher percentage of off-grid solar generation. 91 kWh of SimpliPhi’s non-toxic, efficient and long cycle life batteries allow the Maui Brewing Co. to extend the power of the sun’s energy far into the night. Supporting the transition to user-owned renewable energy is one of the many goals of SimpliPhi Power’s storage solutions.

The challenge was to design an off-grid hybrid power solution that would dramatically reduce generator use and fuel consumption, eliminate trenching transmission lines and utilize non-toxic, non-hazardous, heat-resistant and enduring energy storage. SimpliPhi Power storage easily met all of these requirements. Without energy storage, renewable sources of power are intermittent and unpredictable. SimpliPhi technology creates power security and resilience by taking the intermittency out of any power generation source including wind, solar, grid and fuel-based generators.

  • The 24V and 48V PHI 2.6 kWh Smart-Tech Battery with integrated Battery Management System (BMS) protection
  • Compatible with all industry standard inverter/charge controllers
  • Operating temperature -4° to 140°F (20° to 60°C)
  • 98% efficiency rate
  • No ventilation or cooling required