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Off-Grid Lead Acid Battery Replacement – The Ojai Foundation

SIMPLIPHI POWER replaced 24 toxic lead acid batteries with 8 efficient, clean and enduring OES 2.6 energy storage and management units at The Ojai Foundation.

The power capacity increased while the footprint decreased, eliminating maintenance, toxic off-gassing and losses typical of lead acid batteries. The Ojai Foundation wanted to demonstrate a new model of power generation, transmission and distribution that was off-grid, local and sustainable. SimpliPhi Power easily achieved the Foundation’s goal of having reliable power 24/7 using solar power as its sole power source.

Lead Acid vs. SimpliPhi Power Technology

Lead Acid Value SimpliPhi Power Value
24 Lead Acid Batteries 10.8 kWh of energy storage 8 PHI 2.6 Batteries 20.8 kWh of energy storage
Weight 2,823 lbs Weight 460 lbs
Replacement Requirement 3 years Replacement Requirement 10 to 20 years
Maintenance Extensive, trickle charging Maintenance None
Optimum Operating Temp 77° F Operating Temp -4° to 140°F (20°-60°C)
Hazard Rating Acute-chronic Hazard Rating Safe & environmentally benign
Depth of Discharge 70% Depth of Discharge 100%
Cycle Life 300 Cycle Life 5,000+
Depth of Discharge 50% Depth of Discharge 98%
Self-Discharge 13% per month Self-Discharge <1% loss per month
Savings None Savings Weight, size, shipping and operating costs

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